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David and Deanna Estep Testimony

by David and Deanna Estep

What's a testimony?  It's giving witness to the evidence of someone or something.  The evidence of truth is what I would like to give to you.  The question will always be...Why First Tabernacle Fellowship Hebraic Learning Institute? It's simple, we found a group of individuals who desire to know "Truth" because as our Rabbi always says..."Truth Matters". When deciding to attend the Shabbat service; we were a little hesitant because of our previous experiences with other religious organizations. However, to our surprise; we found a "Place" in Hebrew known as a "Maqom"a place of peace which is known in Hebrew as "Shalom".  Our souls began to flourish while being watered from the rivers of Life [TORAH} It has been an amazing journey here, we also found a new "Family" known in Hebrew as "Mishpachah".  When leaving the "Falsehood" and "Idol" worship of serving a "Man" known in Hebrew "Adam", we realized that our Creator had shown our family grace and mercy.  The Great & Holy One of Yisrael had given us an opportunity to Learn, Live and Love Him and His People.  As one of the Kohanim [Leader & Instructor] of this congregation, I would like to let you know that YAH is doing something amazing at this "Place" I would like to invite you to come "Witness" and & "Experience" the truth for yourself.  With great love and appreciation


Kohan [Leader & Instructor] Daveed & Morah [Instructor] Rivkah 

Calvin Goolsby Testimony

by Calvin Goolsby

I began attending FTF through my mother, Loretta Goolsby. I watched my mother attend various congregations, while I attended only a few times and was more stand-offish. My mother didn’t believe any of the congregations were right.

My mother and I come from the Bay Area, more specifically a Christian based church for over 20 years. That particular church was our first family, but we both were still trying to find Truth. My mom found FTF online and was attending for about 4 months constantly sharing about the congregation and the Truth spoken. I, just like Israel, was stiff-necked. I had difficulties and tests like everyone else, but was reproved by The Most High.

The Grace of the Most High brought me here and blessed me, when I finally bowed down. I was working on the Shabbats and it was hard. I knew I was better than that and I asked the Most High for help. I left that job and was unemployed for a year. I said to the Father, “I can’t fill out another application, I can’t.” I found a job online, a man who was also Hebraic needed help with his business. The man told me after working for him that I was successful, but he lacked work for me. I needed income and decided to apply for the state. I had good and bad interviews, but still needed to find work. Through the strength of the Most High, I decided to start my own moving business, but had no idea what was going to happen. February and March of 2018 I opened “G. I. G. S” (God is Good) Business. I had a calling and I am thankful to Yahweh for letting me walk in His Grace. My business is run by the Most High not me. I constantly ask Him to be a light unto my path and allow me to lead by His understanding. I’m always reminded to look forward.

Everyone has trials, but we must look to the Most High. Yahweh has blessings for everyone, but we have to abide by his commandments and statutes. I would say to anybody struggling, look into your heart and soul then ask, “Who do I want to be in the Grace and mind of the Most High?”

Mickaela Estep Testimony 

by Mickaela Estep

I started to attend first tabernacle fellowship after my family and I visited for the first time in the spring of 2018. I've never been to a congregation
like FTF in my whole life. I was used to going to church on Sunday and youth groups on Wednesday nights but I never felt like learned anything. I never met people who were actually genuine, so after months of attending FTF it was a relief to be around like minded people. The type of people and truth that is in this congregation is amazing. Throughout my time of being here I’ve joined the Newsletter team and Childrens ministry. I never thought that I would be so involved and a part of a congregation but The Most High has called me to be a part of something so great. I personally enjoy every single feast and Festival that we keep together because every single one is like a family get together. So much Joy and Praise whenever I come to FTF. I definitely believe The Most High places people where they're supposed to be. All Praises to The Most High.


Mickaela Estep

Brother Tre Beverly Testimony

by Tre Beverly  

I feel being here is the answer from the Most High, the reason I say that is because I’ve always believed in “Know Better Do Better”. Once I furthered my knowledge I found errors in different things I was following in the past. Even in those low times of not having guidance, The Most High answered my prayer. I prayed for The Most High to let me follow His ways even if I didn't know how to, that's how I ended up being here at First Tabernacle Fellowship. Since I came I never left, some of the things I love about the congregation is I've been here to watch us evolve. I love that
were not stiff-necked and we do the best we can with the best of our knowledge. I love First Tabernacle because it's really a group of people that are like minded. Since I’ve been here, The Most High has definitely been speaking to me just by all of the love here at First Tabernacle Fellowship. It's a whole different dynamic when you get to come and experience walking with the Most High with other like-minded people.

Brother John Harless Testimony

by John Harless 

Ever since my family and I came here we have really loved it, great teaching. It's just been so amazing with a lot of truth being taught and lies being stripped away. I'm so thankful to be a part of this congregation. The Psalms that I started reading in the beginning of service is what I feel The Father lead me to do. It's always edifying and brings joy to everyone here, and that's my prayer. I pray that the Most High used the words that he has
given me that week from the Psalms for his honor and for his praise, but also so that it can be edifying for the congregation. Personally, the Psalms
give me joy and I love what it adds to the congregation. Keep pursuing truth, eternal life is worth it.

Renee Pond Testimony

by Renee Pond

I'm so thankful to have found First Tabernacle Fellowship. It is absolutely a wonderful place to worship, fellowship and most of all learn Truth. Since I've been going to FTF, I've gained so much knowledge, understanding and clarity of the MOST HIGHs word. FTF is filled with genuine, loving individuals who love and practice the word of the MOST HIGH. I look forward to the weekly Torah teachings, Hebrew classes, and Shabbat service. First Tabernacle Fellowship has truly been a blessing.


Charlotte Johnson’s Testimony

By Charlotte Johnson

I met the FATHER in all HIS glory, mercy and love in February 2010 when I traveled to Africa with Pastor Holman, Bishop Young, Pastor Jones and Miss. Brown. I had only been "of the way" less than three years.

On one Shabbat, Pastor Holman announced that he was traveling to Africa and he welcomed anyone who wanted to go. He also stated that the FATHER had indicated that there were six individuals who were to travel with him. My heart began to race because I knew I wanted go. I had to go. I felt that I had no skills to offer given that I was not raised in the church, but my desire was to go. I prayed to the FATHER, "Please let me be a part of this mission and use me–let me have the joy of serving YOU and what YOU are about to do." I knew that something wonderful and life changing was going to happen in Africa and I had to be there when it did. The FATHER fulfilled my desire

We arrived in Africa and noticed how hungry the people were for THE WORD. It was a joy to see how quickly they grasped the truth. However, there was also evil attempting to hinder them from receiving THE WORD. The first time Pastor Holman taught, the day was beautiful and warm with the sun shining brightly. As soon as he began to teach, the sky darkened and it began to rain, followed by hail, accompanied by wind. The church we were worshipping in had no windows just open areas. So the wind blew the hail inside. The men from the congregation placed pieces of tin and old cardboard in the window spaces, and the hail just got harder and louder. Pastor Holman continued to teach and the weather finally cleared.

On our last Shabbat in Migori, the African pastor arranged a speaking engagement in another city for Pastor Holman. Two cars arrived to transport us. Pastor Holman, Bishop Young and Miss. Brown were in one car and Pastor Jones, I and two other African pastors were in a second car. The driver of the car that I was traveling in was driving erratically. On the dirt roads, there were no streetlights, signs or directions. I thought we were sent to Africa to spread THE WORD. But our FATHER had something else in mind.

As we were traveling down the long, dirt roads, two police officers in a truck stopped us. One had a holstered handgun; the other an M-16. They questioned Pastor Holman's driver and allowed his vehicle to continue on. Then they began to question our driver and the African pastors with us. A heated argument followed and one of the pastors was detained in their truck. In the side mirror of the car, I could see the driver and the African pastor arguing with one of the police officers. The African pastor finally jumped out of the truck and the police officer carrying the M-16 followed him and they continued to argue.

There was also a lady traveling with us who jumped from the back seat of our car and disappeared into the field of thick and tall vegetation. We were on a dirt road with no one around us but the officers carrying their guns. I began to pray and so did Pastor Jones. We knew that if fighting broke out between those men, they could kill us and no one would ever find us. But the FATHER always has HIS EYES on Israel. We are HIS children doing HIS will. The officer released the pastor and our car continued on.

While praying, the FATHER spoke to me as we were driving away. I was to give Pastor Holman a message. Once the car stopped, I jumped out and ran to Pastor Holman’s car to relay a message from the FATHER. He looked at me and said, "I know." I have learned from this experience that once the FATHER speaks to your spirit, he will validate that WORD. I said what I was told to say and Pastor Holman responded quickly.

The drivers stopped the cars and suddenly we were surrounded by people of all ages who came from everywhere. The people just stared at us. I began calling on the FATHER. I screamed HIS name, "YAHWEH." I could see the angels in the sky. They had surrounded us but they were moving off and the words in my ears rang, "Leave Now! Leave Now! We will not wait.” I could see them leaving. I begged them to wait. I yelled to Pastor Holman, "We have to go NOW. You are not moving fast enough." I could hear Pastor Holman’s voice, but I don't remember what he said. I know he was talking to HaSatan. Finally, we left in the cars and I could see the angels. They were with us, but we needed to move faster. Our driver was driving so slowly that we lost sight of the other car. I prayed to the FATHER, "Make him go faster. Push his foot to the floor." We caught up with the other car. When we returned to where we were staying, the FATHER spoke again telling us to pack and head for Nairobi.

I know that some may say, "WOW, what a fantastic story." Others will simply believe. The one thing that I want you to receive from my experience is the importance of trust. Trust him and believe in Him, no matter where you are or what you are going through.

One of the songs that we sing at First Tabernacle Fellowship which is dear to my heart has the following words, "Wherever I go, you are there." I met the FATHER in Africa and with HIS mighty arm HE brought us out. No matter what happens in my life, no one will ever be able to take that away from me. I am HIS and HIS EYE is always on me.

Come join us. We will teach you how to build this kind of relationship with the FATHER. Then you will be able to say, "Wherever I go, you are there."

- Shalom, Charlotte

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